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Limited Release of Graffiti Crime x THC Collaboration Shorts. 

The Graffiti is a Crime mural that first appeared in New York City streets. The artwork, painted in Chinatown, featured a young, barefoot boy standing atop another's shoulders reach for a can to spray paint hidden inside a "Graffiti is a Crime" sign.

Graffiti Crime artwork was part of Banksy’s New York month-long “residency.” This piece much like his others is satirical, poking fun at the law with the anti-graffiti sign. The artwork brings humor creating a balance between his other works which are much more serious.

All photographs are owned/licensed by Full Colour Black Ltd and may not be reproduced in any way. This product is not associated with Banksy. All street photographs have been licensed from independent photographers throughout the world or have been recreated using design tools. Banksy does not endorse apparel or print photo canvases or paint commissions or sell freshly baked bagels. 

Tango Hotel continues to partner with emerging and legendary artists, giving them new mediums to express themselves. The art lifestyle label continues to make art attainable for the everyday fan. 
  • Artist Series
  • Canvas to Reality
  • Artwork used - Graffiti Crime and Rat